Insitute for Cultural Exchange (IKA) offers a comprehensive and flexible service in the fields of scientific research, conception, organization, implementation and management of national and international special exhibitions and exhibition tours particularly on art, photography and cultural, social or corporate/brand-related topics. The following is a an overview on our optional services, from which we develop singular projects and customized cooperations: what we can do for and with you and how we (can) do this.
It all starts with a good idea, followed by profound research and a coherent concept. Core of each of our projects are the original exhibits. IKA maintains numerous contacts to museums, art collections, artists and other potential lenders and experts throughout the world. Our exhibitions are composed with great care and strive for high-class exhibits and their unique presentation. A well thought-out exhibition design and scenography using the highest artistic standards also belongs to our conceptual services.
Our team of experts in the fields of art history, cultural studies, graphic design, exhibition scenography and public relations conducts the realization of each project and develops all contents:
  • creation of information materials, project proposals, presentations
  • choice of exhibits
  • compilation of captions, labels, text-panels, abstracts and summaries
  • design of floor plans and installation manuals
  • contributions for catalogs and guides
  • selection of authors, editorial services, proofreading
  • graphic design of panels and accompanying publications (catalog, guide, brochure)
  • publication of the exhibition catalog with a renowned publishing house
  • scenography of the final installation, design of the display
  • development and integration of interactive, didactical and multimedia devices
  • proposals for press releases and compilation of comprehensive press kits
  • design of posters, ads, flyers (whenever the hosting institution needs our assistance)  
Due to the intercultural and multilingual layout of our traveling exhibitions usually the accompanying texts and media (labels, catalogs, press kits, videos etc.) are available in several languages. Every hosting institution can take advantage of this and e.g. use other languages to attract tourists.
Quality project management is an absolute precondition for a long-lasting and successful worldwide exhibition tour. We constantly keep track of the schedule and take care of all necessary arrangements in the front end, meantime and by the end of the runtime of our projects:
  • Acquisition of exhibits: approach of lenders; negotiations and conclusion of contracts; covering of loan fees; collection of exhibits from the lenders; gathering at IKA and preparations (framing etc.) before worldwide tour.
  • Survey of the artworks: conservation and restoration of the exhibits; condition reports; professional storage and packaging.
  • Nail-to-nail art insurance: conclusion of full risk insurance with a well-established fine art insurance company for the whole exhibition tour covering all exhibits and integral parts of the show at any time, i.e. during the transport, the set-up and dismantling, the runtime, and the storage; handling cases of damage or loss ensuring a smooth claim settlement and the continuous presentation of the exhibition.  
  • Customs documents and clearance: settling of all matters considering the export and import of the artworks and exhibition devices.
  • Transportation: storage of exhibits in special climate shipping crates; safe transport of the whole exhibition to the respective venues around the world with a reliable international art transportation company.
We take advantage of our broad network of contacts to find media partners and sponsors for our exhibition projects. An extensive marketing of an exhibition is the guaranty for its success. Financially strong sponsorships and presenting partnerships (print and electronic media) make it possible even for smaller museums with minor funds to present excellent exhibitions.
IKA organizes and monitors the production of all exhibition-related print products (e.g. labels, panels, catalog, flyer) as well as of marketing and merchandising articles. If not provided by the hosting institution, IKA also cares for the construction of all necessary exhibition devices:
  • partition walls and fixtures
  • showcases, pedestals and stands
  • models and multimedia devices
Our exhibitions will be delivered ready for mounting and are always accompanied by at least one (usually two) IKA curator(s), who – in collaboration with the hosting institution – take(s) charge of everything concerning the installation of the exhibition at the respective venues:
  • organization and supervision of the set-up (and the dismantling) of the exhibition
  • scheduling of the delivery, unloading (and loading) of the exhibition
  • unpacking (and repacking) of the artworks, record of detailed condition reports (that have to be     countersigned by a representative of the hosting institution)
  • placing of the exhibits in the showcases or hanging of the paintings
  • arrangement of repairs and replacements (including restoration of artworks) that might become     necessary during the runtime
This minimizes the effort for the presenter – all we need are some helping hands.
Many of the above listed services and the costs thereby incurred are one-off expenses: concept, design, shipping crates, showcases, fixtures and fittings, creation of texts are effected only once for the whole tour, apart from necessary adaptations, repairs and translations. The costs are shared equally among all institutions that participate in an exhibition tour.
Due to long running periods and high contract volumes, all tour participants also profit from reduced costs for insurance, loan fees, transportation and accompanying materials like catalogs and merchandising items. The share for each hosting institution is much smaller than the expenses for a one-time special exhibition would be. 
We offer our clients effective and cooperative quality project management. This also includes constant communication with lenders, organizing and presenting partners, exchange of experiences as well as listening: we hear our partners’ and clients’ comments, suggestions, questions and needs. We have great experience in realizing projects internationally and we are aware of cultural differences. We adjust our work and projects to the local conditions and we work together with the presenter on a solution to every problem that might occur. Thanks to our prudence and 20-year-old experience IKA won over the confidence of lenders, insurance companies, sponsors and many organizing and presenting partners and we are looking forward to become your reliable partner.
Finally we’d like to clarify that IKA full-service does not mean patronizing. Our partners have a say in everything and are invited to participate in the creation and the display of the exhibition. It is also understood that our clients are in the lead and can take over one or several parts independently. There is not just one form of cooperation, but many – according to your convenience.
So this is how we work!
We are looking forward to work with you!