The technology exhibition, which ran from June 15 to July 28 2002, was the largest single event to be held within the framework of Baden-Wuerttemberg‘s golden jubilee celebrations. 23 exhibits, an introduction to sustainability (realised in cooperation with ZKM, Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe), two special exhibitions (ZOOM IN and SL turns 50), not to mention the company presentations of the sponsors, were all displayed over a total of 6000 sqm in halls 7, 8 and 9 of the Stuttgart International Exhibition Centre. Innovative eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies were in the focus of three distinct walk-in exhibition spaces, dealing with the themes Habitat, Production and Mobility. Technologies on display included an Avatar body scanner, CIS thin film solar modules, thermotropic windows, fuel cells, and a three-dimensional visualisation of the Stuttgart 21 project. Using different flooring, lighting and sequences beamed onto the fabric dividing panels, each space was designed to match its particular theme. These design elements gave the exhibition its unique appeal. The presentation of often complex technological details was aided by the use of audiovisuals, video sequences, PCs and hands-on installations. Explainers stationed in each themed space - to answer questions, provide information, and explain the technical contents and their socio-political significance - replaced traditional guides.


Exhibition venue 2002:
Stuttgart International Exhibition Center, Stuttgart, Germany
Visitors: 99 144