“Real beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived. Glamour can be manufactured.” - Marilyn Monroe 


The international group exhibition captures the celebrity and the myth of one of the most popular icons of our time: Marilyn Monroe – all-time glamour goddess, sex symbol, dream girl. The show brings together an incredibly diverse array of artistic responses to the Marilyn persona – from her greatest photographs like the “Subway grate scene” to her most famous image by pop artist Andy Warhol. 80 world-famous photographers, painters, sculptors and media artists celebrate and uncover the many sides of Marilyn Monroe and her myth. 200 works, spanning the last six decades, recount her changeful life, picture her in public but also reveal her secret private moments. They not only penetrate her biography, but also question her identity and image and critically illuminate her timeless status as a cult figure.


Exhibition objects: 240 exhibits
Exhibitions space: 600 - 900 sqm
Exhibition catalogue: the catalogue is still in progress.
Exhibition venues since 2009:

New Castle of Meersburg, Germany, 03.07.-01.11.09

DEKK International Exhibition Centre of Crete, Gouves, Greece, 16.04.-30.10.11


Visitors10 082