The exhibition presents extraordinary vehicles of the collection of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, Germany. They’re all outstanding because of their mileage of more than a million miles, covered during innumerable hours of operation. Their mileage equals to the distance of several earth circulations and flights to the moon. The centre of the exhibition is formed by a sculptural lane which symbolises the almost endless mileage of the vehicles. The exhibition’s architecture is unique because of its combination of 2D- and 3D-elements, joining together into a lemniscate – the universal symbol for infinity and motion in space. The information carriers are designed in the shape of classical milestones. They guide the visitor through the exhibition, telling individual stories of the historic vehicles.


Exhibition venues since 2007:

Mercedes-Benz-Center, Berlin, Deutschland

Mercedes-Benz-Center, Sindelfingen, Deutschland

Mercedes-Benz-Center, Köln, Deutschland