Casa Ricordi, founded in 1808, is one of the most famous music publishing companies in the world. This reputation was achieved by internationally representing the musical rights of the greatest Italian opera composers. The archive of Casa Ricordi contains an extraordinary collection of the major Italian composers’ opera works: invaluable handwritten scores of Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, Puccini and many others. Furthermore, there are 15.000 letters written by composers, librettists and poets, by singers and musicians as well as 5000 pictures – personal photos of composers, singers and of the Ricordi family. Impressive drawings and prints – mainly sketches, drafts and engravings for costume and set designs.

On the occasion of the bicentennial of Casa Ricordi, these outstanding treasures are presented in an international exhibition tour. Since the archive has never been presented to the public, this is a one-time opportunity to experience the history of Italian opera. The exhibition combines the potential of the authentic aura the cultural value radiates with a modern scenography that integrates the spectator as an essential part of the opera throughout the centuries.
Concept and exhibition design originated from Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart. The Institute for Cultural Exchange prepared the content and arranged the exhibition tour.


The exhibition is available. 


Exhibition objects: more than 250 original objects (handmade scores, letters, photographs, etc.)

Exhibition space: 1000 sqm

Catalogue: 2 languages (English, French)


Exhibition venues since 2008:

Palais Tour&Taxis, Brussels, Belgium, 13.11.08 - 29.03.09