The exhibition forms a large-scale survey, charting Tom Wesselmann’s range of approaches towards different materials and techniques, especially in relation to his edition works. In opposition to the more rigorous approach on serialism pursued by other Pop artists, the oeuvre of Tom Wesselmann is substantially augmented by a large and varied group of unconventional works. It will be the first exhibition to reveal the exceptionally broad range of materials that he worked with, from the 1960s until his death in 2004.
Grouped into the three genres “nudes”, “still lifes” and “landscapes”, the selection gives a profound insight into the artist’s various styles by dealing with those themes.
The comprehensive selection of edition works (incl. prints, metal cut-outs, sculptures, plastic multiples, hand-painted editions etc.) will be preceded by a cabinet exhibition with some exquisite key works, which are meant to give an introduction to the three following sections.
After organizing the largest European retrospective on Tom Wesselmann’s work in the 1990s with venues in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain, the Institute for Cultural Exchange wants to honor the artist and his progressive style once more with this comprehensive exhibition survey.
Exhibition objects: approx. 100 exhibits, including paintings, prints, collages, sculptures, metal-works and others
Exhibition space: 600 to 800 sqm, adjustable in size
Exhibition catalogue: German, English