Weegee‘s photographs form an impressive document of modern city life - in all its brutality, violence, and pitilessness. Through his photography, he recorded the traces the Great Depression of the 1930s and 40s left behind. No less drastic are his photographs of New York‘s high society. They constitute a sarcastic comment on the rich, which is also true for his pictures of famous people and Hollywood stars that he took in the 1950s and for which he used specific distorting lenses.
The intensity of his photographs results from a harsh realism and expressive arrangements. Weegee prefers using strong flash-lights to cause dramatic lightshade effects and sharp b/w-contrasts. This had already been a typical feature of his work when, as a street photographer, he travelled through the East Side of New York with a pony to photograph children for a few cents.
Exhibition objects: 108 b/w photographs
Exhibition space: 400 sqm
Catalogue: German
Exhibition venues since 2004:
Landesmuseum Oldenburg, Germany: 24.01.2004 - 14.03.2004
Museum im Schloss, Bad Arolsen, Germany: 28.05.2004 - 25.07.2004 
Kulturamt Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany: 30.08.2004 - 19.09.2004
Museum Industriekultur, Nürnberg, Germany: 02.10.2004 - 21.11.2004
Albrecht Weisgerber Stiftung, St. Ingbert, Germany: 28.11.2004 - 23.01.2005
Kunsthalle Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany: 30.01.2005 - 20.03.2005
Georg-Meistermann-Museum, Wittlich, Germany: 09.10.05 - 15.01.06
Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany: 26.05.2013 - 08.09.2013
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